Selected Works

Trifecta Yorubana
Flute, Clarinet & Piano [2012]

Omi (Water)
Commissioned for the "New Blues for Piano" Project by Marcel Worms, The Netherlands [2012]

Iṣẹ́ l’ògùn ìṣẹ́ (Productivity is the antidote to Poverty)
Voice, Ìyáàlù (Yorùbá Talking Drum) and Piano [2012]

Àjùlọ Kìnìún (The Supremacy of the Lion)
Chamber Ensemble, Chanter & Dancer [2012]

Yíyẹ l’Ọ̀dọ́-Àgùtàn (Worthy is the Lamb)
SATB & Organ
Commissioned by the Methodist Church, Nigeria for the 2012 Music Festival

Olú Ayọ̀ (The Lord of all joys)
Baritone Solo, SATB & Organ [2012]

New Year Quintet
Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Violon & Violoncello
Commissioned by Bafrik, Brazil [2011]

Ìyanu (Miraculous)
SATB & Organ [2011]

O God our help in ages past
SATB & Organ
Commissioned for the Centenary of Our Saviour’s Church, Nigeria [2011]

Ọmọ Baba (Heir of the Father)
SATB & Organ [2011]

Ọ̀nà Àbùjá (Shortcut)
Baritone (or Mezzo-Soprano) Solo & Piano [2010]

Ìlú bàjẹ́ o (A failed Nation)
Baritone (or Mezzo-Soprano) Solo & Piano [2010]

Organ Concerto
Commissioned by Alia Musica,USA [2009]

Fèrè-Dùrù (Brass-Organ)
Brass, Organ, Timpani & Bass Drum [2009]

Magnificat & Nunc Dimitis
SATB & Organ
Winning piece for the 2009 Donald Sutherland Endowment Fund Composition Competition (USA)

Preces & Responses
Double SATB
Commissioned by Calvary & St. Andrew’s Episcopal Churches, Pittsburgh, USA for the 2008 Ascension Festival

Where una go dey? (Where will you be?)
SATB, Piano & Organ
Commissioned by the C.A.C. Lagos for the 2008 annual music festival

I go dance (I will dance)
SATB, Acoustic Piano & Digital Piano [2008]

Another World
Electroacoustic [2007]

Ten Thousand Times
Triple SATB Chorus, Brass, Piano, Organ and Percussion
Commissioned by St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Pittsburgh, USA for the 2007 All Saints Festival

Ọlọ́mọ kìlọ̀ f’ọ́mo rẹ̀
Piano Duo [2007]

The Strife is O’er
SATB, Brass, Organ and Percussion
Commissioned by St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Pittsburgh, USA for the 2007 Easter Festival

String Quartet No. 1

Passacaglia on a Yorùbá Folk Song (“Epó mbẹ, Ẹ̀wà mbẹ”) 
Organ [2007]

Short Dances
Chamber Ensemble [2007]

Double Play
African Percussion [2006]

Bigi Man (Big Man)
SATB [2006]

Harp, Xylophone and Piano

​Commissioned by Alia Musica,USA [2006]

Beggar’s Chant
Flute [2006]

Talking Voice, Flute and Piano Duet [2006]

An Encounter
Talking Voice and Piano [2006]

Èṣù àti Àbíkú - Text from the Dream Wisher by Oyèbádé Dòsùnmú
Two Solo Voices and Piano [2006]

From the 50s & 60s
Based on “Here comes the sun” – The Beatles
Flute & Piano Duet [2006]

Dirge: Black Day
Duet for the prepared piano[2006]

Cello [2006]

Potpourri - An eclectic tribute to the masters
Piano [2006]

Ọlọ́run Àgbáyé
Double SATB [2005]

African Rhythms
Chamber Ensemble [2005]

Gbé e ga
Organ [2005]

Freedom to Bondage
Traditional African Instruments, Four Female Choirs, Mezzo-Soprano solo, Male and Female narrators, Trumpets [2004]

Meditation: Prayer for Global Peace
Chamber Ensemble [2004]

(Aleatory piece with title determined by performer from nine options)
Organ [2004]

O Come and Sing (Choral Fugue)

SATB [2003]

2 Clarinets and Piano [2003]

Trio (Cacophony)
Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon [2002]


Clarinet [2002]

Clarinet [2002]

The Lion & the Lamb
Violin, Trumpet & Piano [2000]

Life Anew
SATB, Trumpet & Piano [1999]

Song of Praise
SATB & Organ [1998]

Olúwa ìwọ l’o tí’nṣe ibùjókòóo wa (Lord Thou hast been our refuge)
SATB Quartet, SATB Chorus, Brass, Timpani & Organ [1996]

Oṣé o Jésù (Thank you Jesus)
SATB [1993]

Ẹ jẹ́ ká Polongo (Let us proclaim)
A seven-movement Choral Suite [1991]